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DNA Synthesis DNA Sequencing Next Gen Sequencing Peptide Synthesis Protein Sequencing Mass Spectrometer Analysis


The Tufts University Core Facility provides an extensive array of services to support the researchers at Tufts University as well as outside investigators. The facility's staff has years of proven technical proficiency and experience with high throughput characterization, purification and laboratory automation.

A quick view of our services

DNA Synthesis
Custom oligonuclotides often within 24 hours.

DNA Sequencing
Automated sequencing with read lengths of 500-800 bases.

Next-Gen DNA Sequencing

Peptide Synthesis
Custom peptides and libraries.

Protein Sequencing
Automated Edman Degradation.

Mass Spectrometer Analysis
MALDI-TOF-MS. Linear Mode only. Ideal for a fast mass determination and purity check. This is not a quantitative tool.