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ATTENTION: Dear TUCF Customers, we are happy to announce that we have resumed our operation at close to full capacity with shifted schedules. Due to the schedule change, the timing of our email response may be slightly delayed. We thank you for your patience during the shut-down and look forward to working with you again. Moving forward, an alternative operation procedure has been established for the Genomics Core that will enable us to continue our operation through any future ramp-down that may happen as a result of COVID-19.

The DNA sequencing lab contains three Beckman Biomek 3000 robots, used for setting up and cleaning up sequencing reactions, and three ABI 3130XL Automated DNA sequencers. All samples are submitted in bar coded tubes to ensure accurate sample handling and tracking. Read lengths of about 600-800 bases are routinely attained. Turnaround time is generally 24-36 hours and the results are posted on our server where both the text and chromatogram files can be viewed and downloaded.

Fill out our Online DNA Sequencing Order Form to submit your DNA sequencing, PCR, or Gel-only order.

Information for submitting samples

All samples, both template and primer, should be submitted in bar-coded tubes which we provide to you at no charge. Please stop by or contact us to receive these tubes.

We recommend using Qiagen mini or maxi kits. Concentration should be determined by A260. Please adjust concentration to between 50ng/ul and 150ng/ul. Submit 300ng per sequencing reaction.
Gel purification may or may not be necessary depending on how clean the product is. Either way, the sample will need to be cleaned using a product such as Quiagen's QIAquick kit. The concentration should be between 10ng/ul and 150ng/ul and we need 10-150ng per sequencing reaction depending on the length of the PCR product.
Please adjust concentration to 5uM. This corresponds to 25ng/ul or 5 picomoles/ul. Submit 5ul per sequencing reaction.

We provide the following standard primers at no cost. Please check the sequence with those in your sample to ensure they are the same. Some companies have made changes without changing the name of the primer.


High-Volume Service

If you have a large number of samples, 48 or more, you can submit them in a 96 well plate aliquoted at the correct concentration of template, primer, and water in each well. Please contact us for details.


$6 per reaction for Bac, Cosmids, and genomic DNA.
$4 per reaction for plasmids and pcr products - Tufts University Researchers
$5 per reaction for plasmids and pcr products - External Researchers